Mission statement:

Our goal is to increase awareness of Salsa music in Los Angeles through our music program. The Granada LA and top-level musicians will work hard to share their love and passion of music and culture with you. From the roots of Afro-Cuba to the Jazz of New York and Puerto Rico, we are bringing you the chance to learn how to play salsa music.

On a weekly basis we host live performances with top level artist from all over the world and prominently local talent in Los Angeles area. We plan to reach out to local communities and schools to work together to keep Latin music alive and growing. Our music school will offer everything from forming a student youth band to adult classes and one on one instruction. We hope to see you hitting the congas or tickling the keys of the montuno with us here at The Granada LA soon.

The program will focus on instruments that allow you to play salsa music. Starting with a Latin percussion program (Congas, Bongos & Hand Percussion). If the future we will have rhythms in the brass and piano sections, and vocal training that will be covered in a syllabus that we have created especially for you. Teachers will prepare students for performance that will be able to facilitate in house at The Granada LA. Our 8 to 14-week programs, students will learn the fundamental roots and skills of how to play salsa. Instructors will help prepare students with the proper technique and focus to meet specific goals and have students playing salsa together in band group or playing along with your favorite salsa song at home or for you friends & family.  

Tuition & Program: Schedule 2019

**14 Week Fall Program – (All Ages) 4 to 5:30pm Wednesday & Thursday (Sept 4th to Dec 12th) 14 week course (1 Class Weekly)  $224 14 week course (2 Classes Weekly) $336  

**Drum Circle For Kids (5 – 12yrs) 11:00am To 12:30pm Saturdays $15 per person, per session  

**Private lessons: $79 per hour

Please email your information if you are interested in signing up for Fall Program. Name, Phone, Email & what you are interested in to info@thegranadala.com