The Granada LA is proud to present:

$3,000 6th Annual Top Social Dancer Competition! 

Salsa Edition!

Begins Friday January 10th, 2020

FINALS Friday February 28th, 2020

Hosted by Alejandro Delatorre 

Calling all amazing dancers! 

If you rule the dance floor, prove it & be crowned LA’s Top Social Dancer! No choreography! 

Raw, authentic, spontaneous & true connection on the dance floor!


$3,000 IN PRIZES!



Winner Take All

$2000 + Trophies


OPEN LEVEL (Non-Professional) CATEGORY

$600 + Trophies

$300 + Medals

$100 + Medals



No choreography required!

Individuals may dress in fun, club style.

Competitors must register with the Granada and qualify to enter the Finals.

Professional competitors are individuals who have won competitions, get paid to teach/perform, director/assistant director of dance


Open Division are competitors who do not receive compensation for teaching or performing.

Individuals will be randomly partnered & social dance in group heats and take the floor one couple at a time in Finals.

They will social dance to DJ’s selected song

Qualifying rounds are judged by audience response.

Finals are judged by professional judges + audience response.

All decisions are final.



1. Musicality – How well the dancers interpret the music, its highs & lows, breaks, and various instruments & beats.

2. Partner Connection – How well the dancers connect with each other and how well they communicate with each other through dance.

3. Timing – Are they consistent with their timing? Or are they breaking on different counts every time?

4. Technique – how well the dancers execute the moves technically, clean spins, control, lead & follow technique

5. Representation of the style & enjoyment – How well they represent the style they are dancing. How much the dancers are enjoying the dancing.

6. Presentation & X-factor

Do they have good presence?

7. Audience response



1. Video submission will only be for out of town competitors, no southern California competitors will be allowed to submit a video submission.

2. Registration deadline: February 17th is the last date for out of town competitors to register.