Group Class and Private Lesson Reservation Policy
We are implementing reservation and cancellation policies for all students.
Group Classes:
Students should reserve studio classes in advance through the Setmore booking page or reserving in advance at the front desk. Walk-ins are not guaranteed space in class. Reservations can be made 4 weeks in advance and up to 2 hours before the scheduled start of class and must be paid in full to reserve. Reservations made 2 hours or less from the scheduled start of class cannot be cancelled without incurring the loss of the class. To reserve a class, students can sign in to The Granada LA Setmore booking site online account or book a class through the front desk. If this is their first time signing in to the account online, they will create an account using the same email address they gave us on their first visit to the studio.
  1. Reservation Cancelation Policy: To allow as many community members to practice as possible with limited capacity, we have implemented a reservation cancellation policy. Please be sure to cancel your reservation via our setmore booking page or by calling the front desk with at least 2 hours notice to avoid being charged in full for the class. If you cancel class you within time restriction you will receive one time change of date and time for that class purchased. Reservations made within 2 hours of class starting may not cancel without forfeiting class payment. If a class is cancelled, you will receive an email notification please keep this email to request change of date & time a possible refund. Make sure you are opted-in to receive email updates for your reservation.
  2. Walk-ins: Our classes have a maximum capacity depending on space or room class is taught. Reserving your space at least two hours before class is the best way to be sure you won’t be turned away. We also have discounts on classes by reserving at $12. We will accommodate walk-ins when we can not guarantee space if the class is full. Price for a walk-in class is $15. 
Private Lessons:
Students must reserve private lessons in advance through [email protected]
or text (747) 314-3177 to reserve in advance with the front desk or with their teacher. Payment in full will be required to book a lesson online and all new students will be required to pay in full for their first lesson beforehand. Reservations can be made up to 2 months in advance. 
  1. New Students: To book a lesson, students can email [email protected] or text (747) 314-3177 book a lesson through the front desk or their preferred teacher. A new account on Setmore will need to be made by you requiring your full name, email, and phone number. We highly recommend setting up a profile in setmore first to create your own account, to agree to our Terms and Conditions Healthy and Safety Waiver and once we schedule your appointment it will automatically send you a confirmation email.
     *All first lessons must be paid for in full before the lesson at the time of booking. If you choose to purchase a package after your initial lesson we will be able to prorate your initial lesson from the package.
  2. Lesson Packages and Payments: Payments for all private lessons are to be made before the start of your scheduled lesson. Lesson payments can be made online or at the front desk. We will keep track of your lesson packages and deduct lessons as you take them. 
  3. Reservation Cancelation Policy: We request a 24 hour notice to cancel your private lesson. Cancelations made less than 12 hours before your scheduled lesson will be charged in full as well as no-shows. You are eligible for a full refund or rebooking of a single lesson if you cancel before the 12 hour cancelation window. 
  4. Check-In Policy: When arriving at the studio you will need to check in with the front desk before heading in to find your teacher. The front desk will confirm your lesson time, personal information and that a payment has been made before every lesson regardless of package purchase. If your lesson is scheduled outside of studio hours your teacher will check you in. 
  5. Late Policy: Please make sure to arrive at the studio 15-20 minutes before class starts to allow enough time for parking, check-in, put your dance shoes on and to wash your hands. Late entry will result in your lesson time being cut short. Your teacher will not run your lesson over the allotted time to accommodate. If you schedule lesson outside of regular desk hours then your instructor will let you in building and connect with you for timing of arrival.