The Granada LA Dance Studio Wedding First Dance Packages
As husband and wife, your wedding dance should be a treasured moment you can look back on together. Let your wedding dance be a reflection of your partnership moving forward as one. With adequate preparation for this moment your wedding dance will be a cherished memory enjoyed by you and your guests for years to come.
“What if we don’t have a song picked out?”  If you can’t decide on music, don’t sweat it! We have a great music selection and will be happy to help you find a song you love.We specialize in helping you personalize a memorable wedding dance from the simplest of steps to elaborate routines. We will help you in selecting a song, the style of dance and determining level of choreography to personalize your experience. We can also teach you some of the other social dances to dance the night away at your wedding.
“What about my schedule? I’m just too busy!!”  We realize planning a wedding is extremely time consuming. We are happy to work with you and schedule your lessons at your convenience.
“Aren’t all wedding dances the same?”   Definitely not! There is a wide range of dances available to you! Popular Wedding Dances include but are not limited to, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Bachata, Tango.
Bronze Couples Package - 3 Private Dance Lessons - $260
Silver Couples Package - 5 Private Dance Lessons - $425
Gold Couples Package - 10 Private Dance Lessons - $799
The Granada LA Dance Studio Quinceanera Dance Packages
Usually three dances are needed for the Quinceanera celebrations: 
The Group Waltz, the Father/Daughter dance and the Group “Fun” Dance.
Starting your lessons early will help you have enough time to rehearse your dances

and not rush at last minute to pull it together.
Group Waltz
When choosing a song keep in mind if you have a theme for your event and also words to be appropriate to occasion. Keep in mind the number of dancers and abilities of your group, an we have instructors to help you with making sure its choreographed accordingly.
Father/Daughter Dance
In this dance the young lady and her father will dance a waltz choreographed to a special song

appropriate to the relationship 
Group ”Fun” Dance
This dance can be a sassy salsa or a combination of latin dances like merengue, rumba, cha cha. Also dances like swing or even a group tango. Dance  will be choreographed with dancers ability in mind
Whatever your dancing needs, our instructors will make your experience fun and exciting. We will help give you with music, practical choice of costumes, ample rehearsal time and make this experience fun and easy.
Single Father/Daughter (2 people only): Per Lesson $89
Bronze Package (2 people only) – 5 Private Lessons $425
Gold package (2 people only) – 10 Private Lessons $799
Group Dances (3 to 14 ppl): Per lesson $105
Group Bronze Package (3 to 14 ppl): 5 Private lessons $499
Group Gold package (3 to 14 ppl): 10 private lessons $945


Create a personalized wedding dance of your dreams with custom choreography to a selected first dance song and have wedding dance lessons tailored to your abilities, time, and budget.  Want dips and lifts in your dance, or want a mashup?  No problem! We will take care of you. Book a lesson today! 


Make your this dance special by learning a few dance moves so you can do more than just sway back and forth. Make your mother or father feel special by learning a fun and elegant dance that you all will cherish forever!